Ptrographic analysis

The properties of the “Paramo Limestone” make it a perfect material for your modeling.

  • Visual recognition
  • Study microscopically
  • Texture
  • The average grain
  • Proportion of the mineral
  • Discontinuities matrix
  • Observations
Visual recognition

“Beige” limestone color, very fine grain size of rock, with appreciable porosities, slightly conchoidal fracture and very effervescent when attacked with CIH (10%) in cold. 

Study microscopically
  • Components
  • Major components: Calcite.
  • Accessories components: Quartz, Opaque.

Afanitic texture, formed by a matrix of calcite micritic, with remains of fossil organisms “Turritellas” that were in the bottom of the lake when drying out.

The average grain

Grain size <4µ

Proportion of the mineral
  • Calcite: 99,50%
  • Accessories: 0,50%
Discontinuities matrix

In the form of porosity, the pores have been formed by dissolution and are unfilled or something covered by a later recrystallized calcite.


Rock of lacustrine origin, formed in quiet means and composed of a matrix of mycitic calcite (Crystal size <4µ) where fragments of fossil remains.
The porosity is irregularly distributed and their sizes are very different, it has been caused by the disoluttion of calcite.

For classification with ornamental purpose of this rock, has been taken into account the size of crystals (<4µ) and proportion of existing carbonates.

Rock’s origin marine, carbonate, with calcite occupying more than the 99% and with tiny few quartz grains of detrital.
It presents a significant porosity due to dissolution processes that have affected a part from the moulds of fossils and also to fissures. This strongly affects, in form of discontinuities to the rock matrix.

The calcite appers to form a mud (matrix) with size micrite <4 microns, in the cracks or zones of porosity it is observer edges of calcite recrystallized, also some edges have solutions of iron oxides.

From an ornamental point of view rock falls within the Group of limestone marble finely crystalline, presenting less than 0,0156 mm grain size and texture of finely crystalline recrystallization, according to the Spanish standard UNE 22-181-85, for the classification of marble and ornamental limestone.



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