A bit of history

In the 27th BC, the Emperor Augustus moved together his army from Tarragona`s Camp to Sasamon (Burgos) to fight against the cantabrian and asturian residents in order to extend their domains, to get his aims, Augusto ordered to build important infrastructure in Sasamon such as several Roman roads, including militarily route going to Astorga, in addition to various bridges , three of them in perfect state nowadays almost without any kind of deterioration after more than 2000 years!


Milestone Roman

Stones that where placed in the Roman roads to indicate the distance trail (as the current kilometre points), this was part of the Roman road from Astorga to Bordeaux, called Via Augusta of the century I BC. This fact is the best test to show that the work done with this material will have the durability that you need, adding the natural beauty of our stone. “PARAMO LIMESTONE”.

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