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Drinking trough

The calm and the delicacy of the water add a perfect distinction to the place in which they are placed. Perfect for designing a landscape.

Central fountains

With an octagonal design that mimics the environment. It will be perfect in your garden or square.

Wall fountains

Designed to be placed against a wall.

Small wall fountains

With a smaller design, made for placement on the walls.


Columns made in Paramo limestone. Its distinctive designs give a touch of elegance to the place of its placement.

Water well

Water well made in limestone Paramo, perfect for the decoration of gardens.

Basin with water pump

Decorative water pumps on old stone piles.ústicas.jpg

Rustic Basin

Conformed in natural stone, with perfect finishes.

Benches and tables

With different finishes, all made in limestone, excellent for placement outdoors.

Planters, basins and ornaments

Decorative articles, their use and enjoyment is oriented for their placement in gardens.

Save corners

Piece of natural stone, whose purpose is to protect the protruding edges.

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